Hi! My name's Janelle im 17 and I am hopelessly in love with austin carter mahone <3


Harmonizers are acting like austin is some big bad guy that plays all these girls and is so disrespectful…do you know anything about austin? He doesn’t talk to any girls, maybe one or two…he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a super long time. No one can even prove the “hickey innocent” because who knows…

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[austin on instagram] “i’ll just like some pictures of myself on austinmahonesarmy and whatever camila posts”

Austin is just a saint! :’(

Do you hav any favorite austin blogs?

my fav blogs are: austinmahore austinless samwilkinsons mahonnes mahoneaustin mahoens mahone-s btwmahone 5hftmahone httpmahone and fckzaustin…at the top of my head

Do you ship austin with someone? Do you care about his personal life just like the people he goes out with and dates?

I dont know who id ship austin with..I think he and camila look great together(if they are a thing) I care about his personal life but not to the point where id freak out about who hes dating I mean I just want to see him happy thats all :)

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Austin Mahone + Alex Constancio